What to expect at your Equine Photoshoot - Candice Pottage

Of course the first step is to meet the beautiful models and introduce ourselves. Following this and a chat, we’ll do a quick location scout to find the best areas for the shoot.

Then it’s time for the next stage – making the finishing touches to your look. If you’ve brought a couple outfit options, we can go through them to pick out the best combinations. Not to forget about the horse model, last grooming efforts can be made to ensure everyone is looking their best.

For the photoshoot, we’ll aim for a variety of poses in different locations. If you want ridden images, especially bareback ones, these will be done at the end of the shoot. Please note: if your horse has not been ridden bareback before or is likely to not be comfortable with it, we recommend using a saddle, which can still look just as good.

If your horse gets a bit impatient, we’ll just let him/her move a bit or try a different location that they feel more comfortable in, and then come back to what we were trying to achieve before. While we normally allow 1-2 hours for a photoshoot, we understand horses are animals with a mind of their own and allow for extra time just in case we need it.

We will help with any posing. The aim is to make it look as natural as possible, so even just interacting with your horse can give the most beautiful of images. If anything needs changing, we can offer direction, and by using several different poses you’ll have a good variety of images to choose from.

We’ll give you an indication at the end of the shoot as to how long it will be before you can see the final images. Usually, this tends to be one week, but it can depend on the types of images achieved on the day. Once the images are ready, we’ll contact you with a link to a private password-protected gallery where you can view your images.

If you purchased free prints or digitals before the shoot, you can then choose these and let us know which ones they are. Of course, all other images are available for purchase seperately, and as with most things, we’re happy to discount if you want a few.

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