What to Wear for your Photoshoot - Candice Pottage

What do I wear for my photoshoot? This is a common question that most people tend to ask.

As with a photographers photos, a persons style is their own.

At the end of the day, it’s your photoshoot, your day and you need to: 

a) be comfortable

b) be happy with what you are wearing.

Some people might find they feel more confident in a pair of jeans with a nice top, others might want a really lovely dress. I’ve had clients wear jods and a plain t-shirt, to prom dresses. Both photos came out equally as well, but the important thing was that the client was happy with them too!

Colours: Try compliment the colour of your horse, or if you're not sure, maybe stay more on the neutral side. For example, if you've got a chestnut horse, you're probably best not to wear a conflicting colour such as red. Although, red can work really well with greys and just add a bit of colour into your images. Keeping things simple and 'clean' also means that there is nothing distracting in your images for your eye to get drawn too either.

Shoes: While we always put safety first, you might want to wear some shoes on your photoshoot that aren't particularly 'horse proof'. First thing we'll do is just assess how your horse is coping - if you're in a new environment sometimes they can get agitated and want to move a bit more, and the last thing we want is for an unfortunate accident. If your horse seems settled enough, once you're in position we can change to the shoes you'd prefer, before changing back to 'safer' shoes once we're on the move again.

Outfit Changes: If you want to change your outfit for different looks on a photoshoot, then that’s great! A common duo is something quite casual like jeans or jods and a plain top, followed by something smarter.

Seasons: Whether you're having a photoshoot in summer or winter, you can take inspiration from the weather for your outfit choice/s. Wearing that brand new winter coat, or summer dress can help make your photoshoot that tiny bit more special Inspiration:

Here’s a few idea’s from previous photoshoots to get you started – from casual to flowing dresses!

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