Preparing for your Equine Photoshoot - Candice Pottage

If you've not had a photoshoot done before, it can be a bit daunting. I'm sure a few of the things running through your head are; "what should I wear", "what should my horse wear", "what if I don't know how to pose". 

The good news is - we're here to help. And while every photographer has a different style and will do things differently, we all have the same aim - to get amazing photos of you and your horse! 

We go through some of the common questions on how to prepare for a photoshoot and what to expect. 

What do I wear?

The outfit we would recommend would be something casual with neutral colours. Feel free to accessorise, and generally, fairly natural make-up and hair works best. If you want to have outfit changes, we recommend one smart outfit and one smart casual, along with your casual dress. These are only a guide - most of all, you need to wear something you feel comfortable in!

What should my horse wear?

Usually, plain works well with horses. A nice smart, clean bridle or a leather headcollar with a plain leadrope is ideal for your photoshoot. Some people like to plait, and if you do that’s fine, however keeping your horse’s mane natural works too!

Will my yard be the best location for the photoshoot?

Sometimes, you may think your yard isn’t the most picturesque place for a photoshoot. You might be pleasantly surprised though! At the beginning of the photoshoot, we’ll spend a bit of time exploring the yard for potential locations, and choose the best ones to shoot from to ensure there is plenty of variety! If it’s not your yard, it’s usually best to speak to your Yard Owner to find out what areas we are allowed to use, and those we’re not.

I'm not sure how to pose or stand with my horse?

We understand that being in front of the camera comes more natural to some people than others - like all things. However, we are here to help. While we welcome any ideas on posing and images that you'd like, we have more than enough 'tricks up our sleeve' to help direct you to get the best out of your photoshoot. And if you don't like looking at the camera - no problem! Look at your horse and just interact with him or her. Sometimes those make the best images. 

What if the weather forecast is rain?

Don’t panic. The photoshoot can be rescheduled if the weather isn’t suitable. While some people might think that the weather has to be sunny for a great photoshoot, overcast or cloudy days actually make just as great photos! We’ll double check the forecast the day before and will be in contact so that we can discuss how you’d like to proceed.

Got more questions?

Still not entirely sure or is there a question unanswered? Drop us an email at to ask it! 

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