Issy & Casper - Equine Photoshoot - Candice Pottage

I had been talking to Issy about a photoshoot for a good few months before finally being able to set a final date for one reason or another. Luckily - it turns out good things do come to those who wait because we had the most stunning sunset to work with. 

I got to Issy's at about 7.30pm... 30 minutes earlier than scheduled just so we had a bit of extra time incase we needed it. While sunset shoots are great and you can be a lot more creative with the beautiful light, they are on a timer and the sun has a great habit of suddenly disappearing. 

First up was Connemara, Casper, who is a true gentleman and clearly has a great relationship with Issy, who does a bit of everything with him. 

We started off in the stable with some 'black background' images of just Casper, before heading out to the field to make the most of the sunlight. 

We tried a variety of poses - including ridden, sat as well as stood. As they say, variety is the spice of life! It means Issy gets plenty of choice when it comes to picking out her favourite photos! 

Who let the dogs out?

Phase two of the photoshoot included meeting 3 of Issy's dogs - who were all really excited to be out in the field! 

If anyone has tried to get 3 dogs to sit together and all look sensible knows that it's hard work, but 5 minutes later we managed to get them to sit still long enough for a few photos, before trying a few more action shots and individual portraits. 

Issy - it was great to meet you and all your beautiful animals! Thank you for a lovely evening.

C x

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