Alex and Womble - Equine Photoshoot - Candice Pottage

Alex was bought one of my photoshoot vouchers for her birthday last year, and got booked in for a photoshoot with her mum and lovely horse, Womble.

Womble is a beautiful boy and a gentle giant. I’m not the shortest person, and I definitely couldn’t see over him!

We started of in the barn doorway to get some black background images of him on his own. He thought this was great, especially when the treats came out!

Next we moved outside into a big field opposite the yard. While some horses might get excited being in a new place that’s full of grass and completely open, Womble took it all in his stride!

We started with some more portrait images, and then moved onto some more “family” ones.

I loved working Womble (Alex you were great too!). He was great, responding with his ears forward, standing where he was asked to and just generally being super easy to work with.

Congratulations to Alex too, for her dressage win at Bury Farm the following day!

If you know of a friend who might be interested in a photoshoot as a gift, why not get in contact about purchasing a voucher for them? Get in touch at or 07809 283 267.

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